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Why we exist

Successful investments are about more than money. They’re about trust, foresight and commitment. When you invest right, you get more than just profit – you get peace of mind.

At Amio Wealth, we believe in providing investors with the smoothest experience possible, from the initial investment right through to the exit. As a boutique finance company, we specialise in bringing the most promising off-market opportunities to our investors. From tax relief in EIS-scheme companies to the regular, reliable returns from either green or property bonds, our rigorous selection process pinpoints only the most dependable opportunities, allowing our investors to reap the benefits.

Amio Wealth brings investors opportunities they wouldn’t be able to access otherwise.

Following the global financial crisis, larger institutional investors have consolidated their backing of the largest companies – leaving plenty of promising companies without sources of capital. Selecting only those with the most outstanding investor potential, Amio Wealth connects opportunities with investors. Innovative companies receive much-needed capital, and our investors gain access to promising opportunities.

What we do

We’re more than just a middleman. Our team expertly analyses every aspect of the opportunities we offer, from their finance model to their management team.

Those few companies which meet our high standards are then presented to our investors, who are assured of the opportunity’s excellent potential thanks to our rigorous selection and due diligence processes.

But it doesn’t stop there. This thorough investigation means that we know our selected companies inside-out, bringing us close to the management and enabling us to work with them in partnership.

So that even after we’ve accepted a company for investment, we never stop engaging with them, working to maintain a dialogue with the directors and founders and keeping abreast of new information – all to enhance the likelihood of a successful exit for our investors and clients.

That’s why our investors choose Amio Wealth.

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Our Directors

Nick Laking


Nick is a partner in a large fixed income agency broker, where his focus is business development, structuring deals that optimise value to both issuers and investors and identifying opportunities for diversification. He takes a hands-on approach to his team and enjoys staying active in the company’s day-to-day trading.

He has been a senior practitioner in the fixed income markets for some of the world’s leading investment banks. He has worked in London, New York, Hong Kong and Copenhagen, advising and developing investment solutions for global financial institutions. His clients have included corporates with annual turnovers ranging from £25 million to £250 million.

Andy Cappuccini


Andy’s 30-plus-year career to date has spanned sales, trading and portfolio management in the global banking world, including seven years co-managing a credit portfolio of €3.5 billion.

Since 2010 he has consulted to a number of boutique agencies, including opening the London office of a Spanish private bank. Andy is currently consulting to a large agency broker, where he is responsible for building the company’s European business.