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Trust forms the bedrock of all relationships. But what really is trust, and why is it so important in practice?

How our trust has been shaken

Trust comes from the faith in someone’s reliability, truthfulness, and ability to achieve. We live in a time when our natural environment is being rapidly desecrated, and carbon emissions are at an all-time high, our trust in corporations, governments and supra-national conglomerates has been shaken. The global outpouring of anger directed at lackadaisical and reactive environmental policies in recent years is symptomatic of a broken bond of trust.

Many people now have no idea what their investments are funding; far from sitting in a locked vault, many are alarmed to discover that tobacco, arms, and fossil fuels are a hidden part of their portfolio.

Investments combining transparency with a robust ethical backbone

For the last decade since the financial crisis, with interest rates at rock bottom and a shaken faith in the ability of banks and governments to implement sustainable change, a new movement of people have sought alternative modes of investments. This movement, through vehicles like crowdfunding and peer-to-peer lending, has been financing some of the most innovative and sustainable developments across the UK.

Amio Wealth is at the heart of this movement, placing trust and transparency above all else. With Amio, not only can you see for yourself the sustainable developments that we are funding on our website, you can actually go on site visits to explore the projects for yourself, and put questions directly to the engineers.

From solar power to waste-to-energy; hydro power to eco-property, through Amio you can invest in market-leading sustainable projects, safe in the knowledge that our sole focus is funding the much-needed changes in our society.

Get Involved

We believe transparency forms the foundation of investing with confidence. Next time you’re in London, why not arrange to drop into our offices for an informal coffee, or enquire about one of our upcoming impact investing events and meet us in person.

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