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Amio Wealth

What does Amio Wealth do?

Amio Wealth was founded in order to enable people to invest in a more sustainable and ethical way, creating positive environmental and social change without compromising on returns, while providing capital to companies who are looking to grow.

We are what is known as a financial intermediation firm. We bridge the gap between green companies and renewable energy projects seeking funding and investors seeking higher rates of return – with our investments financing a variety of projects across the UK and Europe.

We only work with companies we truly believe in, those that adhere to our strict ethical criteria and those that share our passion for a more sustainable future.

What is an appointed representative?

An appointed representative (“AR”) is a person or firm that is able to perform regulated activities by being authorised under the umbrella of a firm that is directly authorised by the FCA (the “principal”). In Amio Wealth’s circumstance, we are permitted to carry out ‘deal arranging’ due to our principle, Consero Capital’s dealing arranging licence, authorised by the FCA. This means that we are able to represent our investment partners and arrange investments on their behalf, as well as assisting them in their back-office operations.

Are you permitted to give investment advice?

Amio Wealth is not permitted to give investment advice. Rather we believe in giving our clients information so that they can make an informed decision that suits their investing needs. We pride ourselves on our personal approach, meaning that you will be assigned a dedicated relationship manager who is always on hand to answe any questions you may have or provide you with further information.

Are your investments guaranteed?

None of the investments offered by Amio Wealth are guaranteed. The circumstances in which an investment is guaranteed are extremely limited and we would recommend caution with those claiming that this is the case.

Are your investments covered by the FSCS?

The investments offered by Amio Wealth are not covered by the FSCS (Financial Services Compensation Scheme).

How do I invest with Amio Wealth?

You can find out more about our investment process here on our website. In short you simply fill in our contact form and your details will be passed on to our relationship management team. You will be assigned a dedicated relationship manager who will contact you, find out more about your enquiry and provide you with the information about our current investment opportunities.


Why investors choose bonds from Amio?

Our bonds are a popular investment choice as they enable people to invest in more sustainable way, creating positive environmental and social change while delivering significant rates of return. Our bonds are direct investments in green companies, so you know exactly where your money is going and what is it being used to finance. 

Do your bonds have the option of early redemption?

Your investment is what’s known as a ‘non-readily realisable security’, in other words, it cannot be sold on a secondary market or redeemed early, so you need to be willing and able to hold the investment for the entirety of its term.

Are they transferable?

The transfer terms vary for each of the bonds we offer. Please refer to the offering document for the individual investment to find specific information. It is however usually the case that the bonds we offer are not transferable.

Is there a secondary market for Amio Wealth bonds?

The bonds we offer are known as “non-readily realisable securities” and are not tradeable on any secondary market or exchange.