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There is no doubt that we are currently undergoing a period of great instability, both geopolitically and economically. Many of the old truisms no longer hold true. What were once safe bets no longer feel safe. And while the cycle of boom-and-bust is a well-worn economic concept, extreme market volatility now seems to have become the new normal. [1]

In the UK, recovery from the 2008 financial crisis has been slow and patchy, and the government’s handling of the country’s departure from the European Union has created a number of further economic shocks. Several large businesses and employers have already announced plans to move their operations out of the UK, including Airbus, BMW and HSBC. If the UK faces a ‘no deal’ situation come next March – an outcome that is looking more and more likely – the short-term effects on our economy are uncertain to say the least.

With all these economic woes inevitably come very low interest rates. With the Bank of England giving no indication of any significant base rate increases in the near future. As a consequence we are seeing more investors looking elsewhere for better rates of return on their money, and more businesses looking elsewhere for financing because the big banks no longer consider it sufficiently lucrative to lend. This explains the huge growth in the global peer-to-peer lending market, which will be valued at almost $1 trillion by 2025.[2]

The question is consequently, in this economic climate where can one invest securely and with a rewarding rate of return?

One answer to this question is ‘off-market’ bond investments. Off-market bonds are simply those that cannot be bought or sold on stock exchanges, and therefore are not subject to the volatility of the financial markets. These types of corporate bonds have been viewed by many commentators as the best investments for those seeking fixed and stable returns, rewarding investors with significant rates of interest, as well as security and reliability.

We also need to consider investments in areas where demand is consistently increasing, regardless of economic outlook, such as renewable energy and the green sector. The global demand for energy is insatiable, and renewable energy is the fastest growing energy source globally, projected to account for a quarter of global power generation by 2040[3]. It is also a sector that is supported by the UK government through subsidies, legislation and international agreements on emissions, but not reliant on these for profitability.

Overall, the market has extremely strong long-term growth potential, and thus green bonds are a secure option – as Warren Buffet said, “Only buy something that you’d be perfectly happy to hold if the market shut down for 10 years.”

We at Amio Wealth specialise in off-market investments, in particular those that are secured, high-yielding and ethical. We offer investments in a number of exciting green projects throughout the UK, which are both financially and ethically rewarding.

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[2] Transparency Market Research, 2016

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