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Sustainable investments offering fixed rates of return

Looking for a good return and a positive impact?

Our bonds can offer investors fixed returns, but they also affect positive change in our communities and the environment. We have a number of investment options to suit you and your requirements – including a variety of green and ethical projects and varying investment rates and terms.

How do the bonds we offer work?

Bonds are one of the ways that companies can raise finance. You, the investor, loan your money to a company, in this case one that fulfills our socially responsible and green criteria. That company, the bond issuer, in turn pay you, the bondholder, a fixed rate of interest for lending them that money over an agreed term and on maturity repay the capital you invested, otherwise known as your principle.

Investment opportunities that suit your preferences

We have a number of different sustainable investment opportunities, ranging from developing solar farms to waste-to-energy sites to eco-property developments. All of which have varying terms and rates to suit your needs: fixed rates of interest paying between 8% and 12%, options to take regular income or to compound the interest until maturity and varying lengths of investment terms. Please however be aware that you capital is at risk, returns are not guaranteed and Amio Wealth is not regulated to give financial advice.

Are the bonds offered through Amio Wealth protected?

We believe it is possible to create positive environmental and social change without compromising on returns. The investments we offer have security measures in place and these vary between products, however it is important to understand that your capital is at risk, these investments are not covered by the FSCS and these security measures are not a guarantee of repayment and in certain instances a given companies assets may not be realised to return investor’s capital. Please refer to the offering document that corresponds to a given investment opportunity for a full breakdown of the specific risks.

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