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We are very proud to announce that we are sponsoring the Marine Conservation Society (MSC) – a UK charity that campaigns to protect the UK’s seas, shores and wildlife.


MSC share our passion for the environment and the work they do is absolutely imperative in ensuring the long-term health of our marine eco-system, which is under an immense amount of pressure and which we all rely on.


We believe that we need to act fast to stem the tide of ecological destruction occurring both in the UK and overseas. We believe this requires a holistic approach comprising investment, as well as education, advocacy, and individual and community action.


Long-term investment in green technologies and energy plays a critical role in our transition away from a carbon-based economy to a renewable one and to limit the effects of environmental degradation and anthropomorphic climate change. However, investment alone will not solve the global issues we face – the work MSC does is intrinsic to us achieving our environmental goals as a society and providing a sustainable future for us all.


A word from the charity:


“The Marine Conservation Society is the UK charity working for seas full of life, where nature flourishes and people thrive.  We act because everyone relies on the ocean to survive, from the air we breathe to the food we eat.  Our seas are under threat, from pollution, overfishing and a lack of protection.  We are taking too much out – for example fish and oil – often using intensive or destructive techniques.  We are putting too much in – waste, pollution and damaging development.  We act to drive political, cultural and social change for healthy seas and coasts that support abundant marine wildlife, sustainable livelihoods and enjoyment for all.  By helping people to discover, value and enjoy being connected to our seas, we can all make better decisions today, which will ensure seas full of life for future generations.”


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