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The growth of solar power

Solar power is the fastest growing source of new energy globally. The technology is both low-risk and well-established, and its cost has dramatically decreased over the last 40 years. Solar power has become the cheapest option of all the renewables and is therefore set to see dramatic growth and investment. It has been forecast that the global value of the market will reach $422 billion by 2022, and over $3 trillion will be invested in the sector over the next 20 years.


Radiant Solar

Headquartered in London, Radiant Solar develops photovoltaic solar power farm that have the potential to provide clean energy for industry, in countries with strong economic outlooks and high demands for clean energy.

We are raising £6 million for the company through a corporate bond issuance in order to fund the development of solar sites throughout Poland, providing investors with an exciting sustainable investment opportunity. The company have already secured three sites with a potential capacity of 220MW and are now preparing these sites for the construction of the photovoltaic panels.


The demand for clean energy

The company have identified Poland as their first target market, because it currently enjoys strong economic growth (the country’s GDP expanded by 28.9% between 2009 and 2017) and is also falling short with regards to imminent EU clean energy targets. The Polish government is now urgently seeking to reduce the country’s dependence on coal and expand its renewables production in order to meet these targets.


Radiant Solar’s business model

The company’s business model is simple: it secures sites and makes them ready for development, then either sells them on to a third party e.g. a utilities company or pension fund, or develops and operate the sites themselves alongside their financing partners, earning income from the revenues generated through electricity sales.

The company sells its electricity through corporate power purchase agreements with local heavy industry and manufacturers. These are companies that are in need of clean energy to meet their emissions commitments and are therefore looking for long-term contracts guaranteeing this supply. Having these contracts in place increases the value of the sites and makes it even more attractive to a variety of purchasers.


Radiant Solar’s aims

The company aims to become one of the market leaders in the solar generation sector in Poland, and is seeking to reach 540MW capacity with five years.


Sustainable investment opportunity 

The portfolio of solar power plants that the company are developing have the potential to drastically reduce carbon emissions and provide clean energy for industry, thus providing you with a sustainable investment opportunity funding the much-needed transition away from a carbon-based economy to a renewable one.


Risk warning

Please be aware that with investment your capital is at risk and returns are not guaranteed. These investments are not covered by the FSCS and security measures are not a guarantee of repayment. This investment is not readily realisable, and you should be prepared to hold it for the full investment term.  The past performance is not a guarantee of future performance. You can read more about the general risks of investment on our website and should refer to the offering document for risks specific to this investment. With IFISA investments tax rules apply and are dependent on your individual circumstances. Please click here to view our full disclaimer.

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