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Renewable Investments

An ethically rewarding sector

Renewable energy is the fastest growing source of new energy globally

What are green investments?

Green investments are investment activities focusing on companies or projects that are committed to the conservation of natural resources, the production of alternative energy sources, the implementation of clean air and water projects, or other environmentally conscious business practices. Examples include waste-to-energy plants, solar power sites and eco-property developers. The aim of green investments is to address a whole host of pressing environmental problems, from carbon emissions to plastics pollution, while generating returns that rival or surpass conventional investment opportunities.

Why are investors choosing the renewable energy sector?

The global demand for energy is insatiable, and renewable energy is the fastest growing energy source globally, projected to account for a quarter of global power generation by 2040. The sector is seeing vast amount of investment and this is projected to grow over the coming years, with over $5 trillion of investment projected by 2030. It is also a sector that is supported by national governments and supra-national organisations through subsidies, legislation and international agreements on emissions. As a consequence, the market has extremely strong long-term growth potential, with consistently increasing demand, and this in turn could be said to increase the security of an investment in this space. However, please be aware that past performance is not an indication of future performance, returns are not guaranteed and your capital is at risk.

Our ethical investment opportunities

We believe that the green and renewables sector presents an effective space for investment, but we also believe investment in this sector can effect real positive change. We offer investments in a variety of green sectors in the UK and further afield, from waste-to-energy to low-carbon housing, all of which help solve major environmental issues helping to create a better world. Please be aware however that with investments your capital is at risk and returns are not guaranteed.

Our vision

is a world in which people can invest in a more sustainable way, creating positive environmental and social change without compromising on returns.

Our Mission

is to deliver outstanding returns to our investors whilst funding companies and projects that share our passion for a more sustainable future.

Our Goal

is simple – we are aiming to fund over £100 million of green projects by 2020. Find out more

As with any investment capital at risk and returns are not guaranteed