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Understanding and balancing risk vs reward

It is important to understand that there are general risks that apply to our investment opportunities.

Your suitability to invest

We want to ensure our investment products are appropriate for each investor. We consequently employ a simple three-step process to establish that investors are happy to make their own investment decisions, understand the terms, are aware that investments carry risk to their capital and are not covered by the FSCS.

Early redemption

Your investment is what’s known as a ‘non-readily realisable security’, in other words, it cannot be sold on a secondary market or redeemed early, so you need to be willing and able to hold the investment for the entirety of its term.

A company’s past performance

This is no indication of its future performance and is thus not a guarantee of future success or the meeting of its objectives.

Investment Advice – Amio Wealth does not provide investment advice and therefore it is important that you seek financial advice if you do not understand any aspects of an investment product before proceeding. 

No FSCS coverage

Our investments are not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme and by investing in these products you have no right to complain to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

Your capital is at risk and returns are not guaranteed

In the event that one of the companies you have invested in was to go into administration or suffer an operational setback, it may not be able to pay your returns or pay them as scheduled, or you may lose some or all of your invested capital.

Specific risks related to each investment

Every investment is different and carries its own terms and risks. The offering document highlights all the risks for a particular investment and you should make sure you have carefully read through this document to ensure the investment in question is right for you.

Security measures

Whilst our investments come with security measures, it is important to understand that these are not a guarantee of repayment and in certain instances a given companies assets may not be realised to return investor’s capital

Failure to raise sufficient capital

We cannot guarantee that the amount of investment into the bonds we introduce will meet the predictions or requirements of the company in question. Should investment into a given company’s bonds cease or reduce that company may not have sufficient capital to complete projects in order to generate a return – this could lead to investors losing some or all of their investment.

Cost of borrowing

The cost of raising capital, including but not limited to, marketing, administration, legal fees and repaying interest, borne by the issuer, could place financial strain on the business and adds to the risk of capital not being returned and of returns been paid to investors.