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Renewable Energy Waste Solutions (REWS) is a UK-based company that focuses on processing waste that would otherwise end up in landfill into clean, green sources of energy. We are raising a further £10 million for the company following a successful first round of fundraising, the proceeds of which are being used to expand their initial site in Tipton, West Midlands and develop further waste-to-energy sites in the UK.


The REWS process

The technology required to convert everyday rubbish into energy is simpler than you might think. The process is very similar to that used for centuries to manufacture charcoal – the application of heat to carbon-based materials in a zero-oxygen environment – and produces either biocoal, solid recovered fuel or synthetic gas.


Unique technology

REWS’ unique technology is greener and more efficient than that used elsewhere in the market, requiring less energy to run and delivering a higher net energy yield. Its design is simple, low-maintenance and has minimal environmental impact. It is modular, scalable and can be readily repurposed to process a range of different waste (feedstocks) and produce a variety of different fuel types, at no additional cost.


100% renewable fuels

Rather than relying on traditional gas or electricity to power its processing plants, REWS uses the gas generated from its own waste (feedstock). This significantly reduces the company’s operating costs, increases the amount of waste it is able to divert from landfill, and makes its energy products 100% renewable.


REWS’ business model

REWS’ business model is structured around two complementary but separate streams of income, improving the profitability and resilience of the company. Firstly, it charges ‘gate fees’ to recycling centres and waste treatment companies for taking the waste off their hands to process on their behalf. These relationships are guaranteed under contract and allow REWS to tap in to existing waste transportation infrastructure, as well as ensuring a continuous supply of feedstock. Secondly, there is huge demand for renewable fuels in Britain and insufficient supply, meaning that the fuels brought to market by waste-to-energy plants are extremely valuable commodities.


Positive business environment

The UK government is increasingly offering significant financial incentives to British companies, particularly those in heavy industry, to reduce their reliance on polluting fuels like coal and oil and replace them with renewable sources of energy. Meanwhile, the fees charged to dump waste in landfill are rising exponentially as its environmental risks become clearer and the growing population puts greater pressure on this type of waste disposal. This creates the ideal business and regulatory environment for a company like REWS to thrive.


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Risk warning

Please be aware that as with any investment product there are risks and this investment is not covered by the FSCS. Your capital is at risk and returns are not guaranteed, rather they are dependent on the success of the company. This investment is not readily realisable, and you should be prepared to hold it for the full investment term. You can read more about the general risks of investment on our website and should refer to the offering document for risks specific to this investment.

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